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GT SCIEN Selected as Top 10 Finalist at UN Citypreneurs Seoul 2019 Competition

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GT SCIEN was selected as a Top 10 Finalist at the UN Citypreneurs Seoul competition held on October 1, 2019.


Citypreneurs, is a competition based on the UN’S Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) co-hosted by the Seoul city government and the UN that offers investment and business opportunities, as well as other support, to the winners.


Citypreneurs 2019 was hosted by City of Seoul, The Seoul Digital Foundation, The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the UN Development Programme, the World Federation of United Nations Associations, and the World Smart City Organization. A total of 175 companies from 35 countries applied, of which the top 30 were selected to participate in the competition. This year’s main themes were Healthy & Inclusive Aging, Developing Skills, and Green Consumption and Production. The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Industrial Science and Technology, the Seoul Energy Corporation, the Seoul Lifelong Education Promotion Center, the Seoul 50 Plus Center and the Green Technology Center also participated in the event.


Of the 30 finalists selected to participate in the competition, GT SCIEN was nominated as a top 10 finalist at the final competition held at WeWork Jongno Tower on October 1, 2019. The event gave GT SCIEN the opportunity to introduce its Lab EHS Total Solution and the positive impact that GT SCIEN is making with regards to laboratory researcher health and safety, and environmental protection. GT SCIEN was praised for its efforts in these areas and received high interest from UN staff and participating investors.


Due to the interest garnered during the competition, GT SCIEN will be given the opportunity to attend UN events and meet with potential investors and business partners, and the company is looking forward to these events as an opportunity to successfully enter overseas markets.

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